Case Study

Protecting Pipes Long Term

24 October 2022

Providing Dhatec Products for long term outdoor storage.

Dhatec’s long-term storage products have now been protecting the Emergency Pipes & Bends of a customer in Austria for nearly 10 years.

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Situation back in 2013: this customer approached Dhatec to protect their emergency pipes for long term outdoor storage. These pipes are meant to replace damaged pipes, in case something occurs with the active pipeline.

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Leaving pipes stored outdoors unprotected for a long period of time (years) could cause corrosion and deterioration of the factory-applied coating.

Pipe Stop was supplied for safe and effective storage, Bevel Protector & PE-Plug as the Pipe Closure, Desiccant Bags for moisture absorption within the pipe and Stack Cover for UV protection.

Each year, the status and performance of the long term storage products are physically checked by Dhatec. The findings are presented in a report to the client, including observations and recommendations.

3 years after installation, only 5 Pipe Bends required a replacement of Desiccant Bags. And after 9 years, a full replacement of Desiccant Bags was required (normally, Desiccant Bags are offered for a maximum storage duration of 2 years!)