3 May 2024

Last week, we continued our educational journey during our Emergency Response training, exploring essential aspects of safety and first aid. From understanding the fire triangle to applying bandages & performing CPR, we covered it all!

🧯 The Fire Triangle: Understanding the fire triangle is crucial for comprehending firefighting. By learning about the interaction between fuel, oxygen, and heat, we gained deeper insight into how fires originate and how to effectively control them.

We not only gained theoretical knowledge but also practical skills by extinguishing different types of fires. From small fires to using fire blankets and extinguishers, we are now better prepared to act quickly and efficiently in case of a fire incidents.

🩹 First Aid: Treating wounds requires not only knowledge of the right techniques but also calmness and decisiveness. We learned how to assess and effectively care for various types of wounds, enabling us to provide prompt assistance and prevent further complications.

💓 CPR and AED Use: One of the most life-saving skills we learned is CPR and the use of an AED. By emphasizing the importance of swift intervention and providing hands-on training, we are now better prepared to take action when there is an emergency where a person experiences cardiac arrest.

With this new knowledge and skills, we are not only better equipped to respond to emergencies in the workplace but can also make a positive impact on our community outside of work. Let’s continue to strive for a safer and healthier environment for everyone!