Pipe Stop 50


Pipe Stop is a durable and reliable pipe storage system, which can be easily adjusted to suit any stacking situation.

Pipe Stop is a system consisting of a steel-reinforced connectable rail system with matching blocks to support pipes during storage. Pipe Stop is adjustable for all diameters between 200mm and 2.575mm (7.87” – 102”). The system is made of LDPE which makes it safe for coating.

Features & Benefits

  • Application range: 7.87" - 102" (200 - 2.575mm)
  • Safe for coated pipes
  • Ensures an ideal support for the pipe
  • High durability and reliability
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • All forces are calculated with an added safety margin to eliminate uncertainties




Product Data Sheet - English

Datasheet Pipe Stop 50

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