Let's grow together

At Dhatec, we trust the work capacity of each employee that joins the Dhatec team. We value the desire to innovate, improve and contribute to the success of the company.

Why Dhatec?

Our people are MORE!

Evolution and mobility

We trust our employees' capacity, on their will to innovate, improve and to contribute to the success of the company, on a daily basis, wherever they are. By conducting a structural dialogue, we strive for happiness at the workplace and job satisfaction for everyone in the team.

Personal & professional development

Together we assess the skills and abilities of our employees, consider their aims in life & career, and set goals together in order to combine Dhatec's vision for the future and maximise true potential.


What makes us special is not just the products we make and sell, it’s how we communicate and operate as a team, so what do we have to offer you?

A fantastic team with enthusiastic colleagues; there is an open and direct culture in which great value is attached to commitment, teamwork, enthusiasm, and humor.

A solid Pension and other benefits that are arranged in the CAO Metal and Technology, the possibility for Training & Development, 25 Vacation Days, and a Travel Allowance.

We enjoy Homemade Soup. On monday we have been enjoying this simple but heartwarming dish for years.

Protecting the future 

Protecting the future 

Protecting the future 


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Dhatec Management

Good Management

The Dhatec Management, as well as the engineering department, count on the professionalism and excellence of our team for a collaborative progression. We focus on the service provided to our customers with room for personal development of each individual within our company. We motivate and organize the Dhatec team towards the best potential business results.