Operational Markets

Dhatec has unique solutions for all pipeline industries.

Operational Markets

Maintaining the Quality of Pipes

Protecting Assets in Transit

Dhatec specializes in developing and manufacturing solutions to ensure damage free pipes throughout the entire logistic supply chain. We advise pipe manufacturers, coating plants, logistic companies, EPC contractors and end users how to achieve safe, efficient and damage free delivery of pipes in any circumstance or climate.

Dhatec is built on strengths and core values that are embedded deeply in the DNA of our organization: Innovativeness, flexibility, quality and customer satisfaction. Based on these strengths our development department is in permanent evolution. Existing products are continuously customized to comply with the latest demands and specifications. Special sizes and extreme conditions are our daily work.

Dhatec Systems

Our Applications

Features & Benefits

  • Safe and ergonomic packaging of our products
  • Application of our products by our people on-site
  • Instructions and technical support to people on the work floor
  • Quality control and monitoring of our products during projects
  • Advice regarding line pipe logistic processes: handling, transport, storage and preservation
  • Easy and safe to apply – no hazardous materials

Protecting the future 

Protecting the future 

Protecting the future 


Dhatec is ISO 9001:2015 certified

Our organization has a quality management system in place that utilizes international best practices to standardize our processes and system using the ISO 9001:2015 standard to ensure consistent production of products and services that meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.