Acting today for a sustainable tomorrow


Focus on reduction of any negative environmental impact.

The well-being of our planet and its people is very important to us. We feel a social responsibility but also know it is a critical part of our growth as a company. Every part of our organization, from procurement to disposal, keeps focusing on the subject of sustainability.

With this being a structural topic on the agenda, we see small and large adjustments that all contribute to a more sustainable company.




Of our products are reusable



Of our products can be recycled



Reduction of warehousing


Trucks reduced in transport a year

Our Processes

Critical Infrastructure

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Our Products

A large selection of our products is made from recycled polyethylene

A material selection that contributes to a production process with less waste. As the products are usually suitable for long term use, we ensure a reduction of the use of wooden or other substitute products, which are proven to be less safe, and always put pressure on the natural cycle. Over 60% of our products can be recycled

Pipe stop and System88 logistic systems can be disassembled and reused over and over for multiple projects. Our Bevel Protectors can be reused with minimal impact, by only replacing the clamping mechanism. 

Within our manufacturing pilar, our Blasting Plugs and Couplings have the reputation for remaining useful far beyond our quality commitments.