Case Study

Dhatec Pipe Stop installation in Alberta

7 February 2023

Increasing safety and efficiency in pipe storage.

More and more clients of Dhatec have started to use the system and realize the multiple benefits of switching over. Several coating facilities in northern Alberta (Canada) utilized Pipe Stop for 1600 joints for a 36 in. dia. project, which required long-term onsite storage.

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Typically, 36 in. pipes would have been stored to a maximum height of three tiers due to concerns of stack stability and ovality. Pipe Stop was selected as the ideal candidate for this project application.

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Points of attention for this case were the reduction of their storage footprint and subsequent storage costs as well as reducing the spending on Wood dunnage.

Due to the long-term storage requirement, these joints were also equipped with Bevel Protector and PE Plugs: a high clamping force pipe closure system, which prevented the entry of the elements such as dirt, debris and snow.