Stacked pipes showing how the Dhatec product Reuseable Bevel Protector can be used.

Reusable Bevel Protector


The Zinc Plated Reusable Bevel Protector provides the best protection during pipe transport, storage and handling of pipes.

The rounded buffer zone absorbs impact forces, leaving the bevel free of damage. The strong clamping system is designed to withstand transport vibrations and all handling procedures. With a new Clamping Clip, the same Bevel Protector can be reused.

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Features & Benefits

  • • Application range: 8.86" - 120" (225 – 3.038 mm)
  • • Possibility to use the Bevel Protector several times
  • • Made of galvanized steel to prevent corrosion
  • • Shock absorbing profile
  • • Fitting on stacked pipes
  • • Pipe tolerance possible
  • • Protection of the full circumference
  • • Strong clamping force




Product Data Sheet - English

Datasheet Reusable Bevel Protector

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Product Data Sheet - English

TUV report 2013 ENG Dhatec Bevel Protector

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Product Data Sheet - English

Dhatec Pipe Closure Selection Table

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