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State of the Art - Storage Yard @ GRTGaz

14 December 2022

Philogaz – GRTGaz Logistic platform in central France.

The realization of Philogaz was meant to improve the logistic performance of GRTGaz, optimize flows, provide the best service to operators and work teams and at the same time gathering stocks of pipes, valves, taps etc. which were previously spread over several depots.

Situation back in 2012, Dhatec conducted a site visit at Philogaz and attended the local team on potential risks and improvements that could occur to provide safety and efficiency.

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Wood was used as support for the pipes. In some cases, the coating of the pipes could be damaged and dangerous situations could be created.

Wood would be replaced after a short period of time. Every year new investments would be done in purchasing new wooden supports.

Besides being able to prevent coating damage and enable spacing between each pipe, Pipe Stop offers the advantage of supporting sideways on two surfaces, which reduces the ovality.

Protecting the future 

Protecting the future 

Protecting the future 

Pipe Stop enables a safe working environment and prevents employees to work between the pipes during the handling processes.

Image of pipe stop product


After a site visit, Dhatec introduced an engineered storage solution to GRTGaz offering superior durability and a new level of safety, namely Pipe Stop!

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