13 June 2023

Maximise true potential

Combining true potential with Dhatec’s vision for the future is the reason we assess the Skills, Abilities & Ambitions of our employees frequently.

To further develop skills, enhance the quality and production efficiency on our Cross Bracings & Blasting Plugs a group of Dhatec’s finest started an in-house welding course tailored specifically for our personnel and facility.

A series of theoretical & practical exercises helps to expand knowledge on further utilizing the equipment at our facility. More awareness on the critical role that technology plays in modern welding. This empowers Dhatec employees to harness the full capabilities of the equipment, enhancing productivity and perfecting their welding tasks.

Additionally, the course encourages teamwork enabling colleagues to learn from each other and develop more effective communication skills essential for successful project execution.

Why it matters
  • Continuous Improvement: By implementing the best practices and techniques learned during this welding course, we commit to an ongoing process of refining and optimizing our production processes.
  • Elevating Product Standards: By strengthening our expertise, we keep delivering consistent high-quality products
  • Personal Development: We care about the ambition of our team and value personal development opportunities that are useful for both our employees and our company. 
  • Enhanced Durability: With a sharp focus on weld integrity, we guarantee the long-lasting performance and structural integrity of our products, reinforcing their reliability in demanding applications.