31 July 2023

New Distributor INPRIDI representing Dhatec in the Balkan Region.

As of today, INPRIDI DOO and INPRIDI ADRIA are the official Dhatec distributors in the Balkan region.

Over the past years, INPRIDI has already proven to be a very successful Canusa-CPS distributor and now adds Dhatec to its product portfolio.

Established in early 2018 in Belgrade, Serbia, INPRIDI is focused on protection of newly installed and existing steel pipeline infrastructure.

The main markets of INPRIDI are the Oil and Gas, District Heating, Water and Infrastructure markets.

At Dhatec we are proud and confident that our new partnership with INPRIDI will achieve mutual success and stronger brand presence in the following countries: Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Hercegovina and the Republic of North Macedonia.

For more information, please visit their website at www.inpridi.com.