28 February 2021

For many of us, this will have been a year of change and the start of the “new normal”. This year offered us new insights and triggered the rapid development of alternative ways of interacting and doing business.

Dhatec used the past twelve months to thoroughly analyse our heritage and the way our brand has been perceived by our loyal customers and to envision our future. Based on our strengths and the experience built together with our key accounts and supply chain partners, we aim to bring new and improved solutions and systems to transport pipes in existing and new markets. Supported by the acquisition by Seal For Life Industries, the Dhatec team will be able to drive a strategy of growth.

We are proud to present our new logo and tagline representing our legacy and horizon. 

For Dhatec, the new branding symbolizes our strong history in pipe protection and expresses our strategic vision to provide optimal care around assets in transit in (re)new(able) markets, as we continue to develop and evolve new systems to transport pipes around the globe. The Dhatec identity, our Dutch roots and our innovative, entrepreneurial character are well reflected in our new logo.

With our thirty years of experience as a trusted partner providing safe, efficient, and calculated solutions, we will keep doing what we do best: offering the best protection where it matters most. We do this by keeping people safe, preserving the integrity of the asset and maximizing efficiencies in the logistics process from manufacturing to installation.

Let’s explore the new Horizon together!