Pipe Raiser


The Pipe Raiser is designed to transport two large-diameter pipes (50’’ – 60’’) on one trailer in a safe way.

One of the pipes is raised above the other, allowing for 2 pipes to be transported simultaneously, without exceeding the maximum allowed dimensions. The construction is designed following the VDI 2700 guidelines. It consists of a basic construction with an Anchoring Rod, to cover the 50″ – 60″ pipe size range.

Demonstration video

Features & Benefits

  • Safe transport for large diameter pipes
  • Saves transport costs
  • Easy to apply on a trailer/railway carriage
  • Easy to adjust for different diameters
  • Durable and resistant against all weather conditions




Datasheet Pipe Raiser - English

Datasheet Pipe Raiser

Download - pdf . 239.72 KB

Datasheet System88 - English

Datasheet System88

Download - pdf . 337.57 KB