EcoPlug Dhatec



The EcoPlug provides the best protection during pipe transport, storage and handling of pipes whilst also serving as a great pipe end closure.

EcoPlug, a revolutionary product designed to safeguard the bevel of pipes while ensuring a closed pipe end, all with an eco-friendly and economical twist! Paired with the well-known Reusable Bevel Protector that has gained trust over the years, Eco Plug takes pipe protection to a whole new and more efficient level.

EcoPlug’s key feature lies in its innovative combination with the Reusable Bevel Protector. By integrating a high-quality PE sheet to the Bevel Protector, we have created a seamless solution that can be effortlessly installed in under a minute.

Features & Benefits

  • • Application range: 8.86" - 120" (225 – 3.038 mm)
  • • Possibility to use the Bevel Protector several times
  • • Made of galvanized steel to prevent corrosion
  • • Shock absorbing profile
  • • Fitting on stacked pipes
  • • Pipe tolerance possible
  • • Protection of the full circumference
  • • Strong clamping force




Product Data Sheet - English

Datasheet EcoPlug

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Product Data Sheet - English

Datasheet Reusable Bevel Protector

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EcoPlug video - English

EcoPlug video

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